【Survey of public bath】 Japanese young people often go to public baths



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This article is about the use of public baths!


Onsen Medical Science Research Center reported on a “survey of 558 men and women, young and old, regarding public baths“.






Japanese young people go to public baths more often than old people.

Old people usually don’t go there.


●They go there for the “big baths,” “relaxation,” and “Jacuzzis”.



●People who go to the public baths a lot have higher levels of “happiness” and “sociability! And they laugh a lot!

Does this apply to you?


●And they are easily stressed!

In other words, young people are stressed.

Which generations and genders often go to public baths?

【Ranking】 Who often goes to the Public baths?


First:20-30 generation male


Second : 20-30 generation women

Third:40-50 generation male



Public baths are not a hobby for old people.


Older people tend not to go to public baths.




Most Japanese over the age of 60 don’t go to public baths.



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【Ranking】Purpose of going to a public bath

First:Large baths


Second : Relaxation




Saunas aren’t on the list!



In other words, The younger generation in Japan wants to be healed in the Public Baths.


Personalities of people who like to take a bath

Personality① They’re more likely to feel happy



●They are feeling happy

●They are in good health

●They laugh a lot


On the other hand,


They’re feeling very stressed…


You should rest well!

Personality② They’re very social


They who often go to The Public Baths…


●They have good relationships with their friends and acquaintances.

●They participate in social activities.



So that means they’re very sociable!


Did these apply to you?



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If you come to Tokyo for sightseeing,

you should go to a public bath.





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